Season 10, Episode 40

We know when our mics are hot at the following link.

So look, for the past 3 weeks or more now I’ve been talking about Destiny in these things and I’d really like to stop now. But I can’t. It’s what I played, it’s what Matt played and even RJ is looking to possibly get back into it. Maybe. I mean, he fired it up this weekend, so I dunno. But yeah, Iron Banner was this week and it has changed A LOT in year 3. And for the better. So there. There’s my Destiny talk for the week. Moving on.

I don’t know if it’s just me but the launch of PSVR seems to be moving along quite softly. This is entry level VR about to be unleashed on the masses and one I kind of predicted to be the litmus test for the platform. Whatever it’s doing on the PC side of things is nothing compared to how the public deals with it in the home console side of things. I figured this would be the test. The exposure. The judgement. And as we’re this close to release, there seems to be very little to say or that anyone is saying at all. I imagine this to be a big bet for Sony and the release this week will be something I’ll be closely watching. As well as the weeks ahead and into the holidays. VR has always been, like Sony learned with HDR/4K, a “see it to believe it” medium.

Here’s to the future.

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