Season 10, Episode 41

We’re gonna miss Nate at the following link.

Nate returned!!! Everybody’s happy!! Except he only returned to tell us he wouldn’t be coming back for a good while. Everybody’s sad. Actually, we’re all really happy for him and the new job he got. This whole thing is just some side fun for us. Jobs, life, everything else comes first before this show so Nate’s new venture, while meaning he won’t be able to make the show for a while, is still a very good thing and one we wish him well with.

Well, it’s out in the wild. PSVR is upon us and I didn’t get near enough time with it I had hoped by the airing of this episode. However, as of this posting I have put in a lot more time with it and next week I’ll have a better talk about what it does right, what it does wrong, and what it doesn’t do at all. As a tease, that Batman VR thing makes me feel justified in the money I spent on it.

But you all know me and Batman, so do with that what you will.

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