Season 11, Episode 18

What once was lost is now found at the following link.

This is your weekly May update that another week has gone by without Danger Zone being released. This means we’re one week closer to the release…whenever that may be.

Normally on the day of the show I’m able to read over a bunch of the news I’ve saved for the episode, but I didn’t get a chance to this time. I say this because had I done so I would have spent less time on those awareness numbers we talked about during the show. This is because after it was all said and done we found out just how many people were surveyed for the data. Honestly, this is probably true for a lot of polling data. I’ve never paid attention to poll data very much in so far as how many were actually polled – not the data itself.

So yeah, there’s interesting stuff in the numbers but when you find out how many people were used, it doesn’t really mean much. Seriously, 2000 people in the entire U.S. to tell us the awareness of consoles and they even had a group of people who didn’t identify as gamers, which makes that overall number even lower..

Anyway, a few of us on the show are currently in the middle of Prey and we should have plenty more to say about it next week. Just to give you a head’s up, we’re all very pleased with what we’re playing, so it should be a great conversation and we’d love to hear from you and your experience with it as well.

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