Season 11, Episode 19

We really need a stun gun at the following link.

While another week in May has passed without Danger Zone being released, we finally have a date. Be prepared for May 30th. I’ll be streaming quite a lot of that game and talking a whole bunch about it. Just giving you a head’s up.

We still haven’t finished Prey, but that should be remedied by the next episode. We dance our way around spoilers for what we have played although I should warn you that probably won’t be the case next week when we’ve finished it.

And then there’s Destiny 2. We’ve got a few nitpicks. Maybe more than a few. We’ve also still got a few questions. And one really big question. None of this means we aren’t going to be there on day one of this thing. I mean, I complain plenty about the game at times but I’m still playing the thing. I’m always going to be playing this game. And I’m really hoping we’ll find out that I can play Destiny 2 on BOTH the PS4 and PC.

Just…come on Bungie. It’s likely this one thing will just completely have me gloss over all the nitpicks and everything else. GIVE IT TO US!


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