Season 11, Episode 21

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E3 is this weekend. And it’s really kind of weird. Everything feels scattered. I think this is good, but I don’t know. It’s strange not having everything back to back like it used to be. Everything used to be on a Monday and then Nintendo on Tuesday. Now some of it is on Saturday (right before we go live), some of it on Sunday, some on Monday, and then Nintendo on Tuesday. Also, Bethesda…what’s up with 11pm on a Sunday night for your E3 showcase? I’m old now and I have to be up early the next morning. Knock it off.

Anyway, this used to be time for speculation but with the way it’s all set up our next two episode will be covering E3. Next weekend we’ll just be coming off of EA’s press conference literally just an hour before the show so we’ll go in depth with whatever it is they show us. But, by the time next weekend’s show is up for download, you’ll have already known everything there is to know – which is where that following episode after E3 comes into play.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the surprises. The unknown’s. There’s enough known for me to easily fill up everyone’s presentation (except maybe Bethesda). Microsoft has Scorpio and then plenty of games to show off and talk about. Sony has PSVR, Last Of Us 2, and a truckload of other titles to include. Ubisoft has the new AC, the new FC, and I am hoping like hell a new SC. But what are the unknown’s? That’s the fun part, for me anyway. The next two weeks are going to be fun.

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