Season 11, Episode 20

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Time and time again we’ve talked about how choices in games either matter or don’t matter. With some very few exceptions (Stories: Paths Of Destiny), they actually do matter on the outcome of the game you’re playing. I think Prey can fall into that category. It is a game with multiple paths to approach many problems just as much as it has multiple endings depending on how you played. And that last part is key. The endings aren’t so much a choice as it is….a performance review, in a sense. It’s a game that looks at HOW you played over what choice you made. You aren’t picking the good ending or the bad ending, but you decide on WHO you want to be and HOW you’ll want to play, and that, ultimately, decides your fate when it’s all said and done.

I started the game later than everyone else on the show so it gave me the chance to see how they were playing and go COMPLETELY opposite. We always tend to go the “good” route on the first playthrough in these games of choices so I went evil. It’s not what I’m used to when playing a game for the first time and I got the ending I deserved. But it wasn’t even a question or a look back at my playing. The game knew I was a horrible evil person and gave me the shortest ending available. That’s your punishment, I guess. But, even if I’d given it a great try to be good, it doesn’t mean it would have changed for me. It’s all dependant on how you play.

Prey judges you. In the very beginning of the game you are given a series of questions of hypothetical situations. It’s a quick test. But it sets the tone for the rest of the entire game as one big series of questions for you to answer in actions. And those answers matter.

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