Season 11, Episode 24

All of our bad news is coming true at the following link.

We said Microsoft couldn’t sell their new console at five hundred dollars, but they’re doing it anyway. Then we said Destiny 2 for PC couldn’t launch a month after the console versions, and guess what?

If I could look into the future, and I think I know myself well enough that I can, I don’t really see myself playing Destiny 2 on PC. I want to play it on PC, don’t get me wrong there. But I don’t see it happening.

During E3 we found out that the PC version of the game won’t be released until October 27th. That’s near 2 months (7 weeks) from when it’ll be released on consoles. We discuss this in the show, but the landscape of gaming around the consoles release is kinda open to giving me time to enjoy the game. Especially compared to the landscape on that October date. And that’s just talking about other games that will be trying for my attention (and will get it too). That doesn’t include how far into Destiny 2 I’ll already be on the consoles when the PC counterpart is released. That also doesn’t include the unfriendly side of things where their consumer base is concerned. I’m not calling foul just yet since they have time to correct a few things. I won’t go into detail here but we do discuss them in this episode.

It’s still a choice. One I’m not really good with. Going both ways I’m very likely to try and keep them both as up to date as possible which will be double the time sink and I’m just not sure how fun that will be for me. Plus there’s a matter of ALL the double-dipping I’ll be doing when you factor in the DLC stuff for ever how long this is going to go on. That’s the kind of future I’m looking at and I’m not very fond of it.

This is something likely boiling down to a first-come first-served, and the console version, sad to say, is going to win out.

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