Season 11, Episode 25

We’re unboxing a lot of boxes at the following link.

The lazy days of summer are never more apparent for me than in the world of video games. Sure, we have E3, but we blow through that in a day or two at most. What we are left with is the need for summer to speed on by as fast as possible so we can get to everything we just saw from E3.

There’s the issue of a backlog, however, and it’s usually where you can find me during the summer months. Finishing up games that are usually getting sequels in the coming months. Just recently I finished up Shadow Of Mordor and I’ll be moving on to the Dishonored DLC and Dishonored 2 in preparation for the new expand-alone or whatever it is. At some point in all of this I’ll have to make time for the Destiny 2 beta.

There’s also a sprinkling of new release games due up in this month and next, with more of the higher profile ones getting released in late August.

Those are my summer plans, anyway. What are yours?

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