Season 11, Episode 35

We’ll be doing this all over again in about a month at the following link.

Finally we’re able to talk about Destiny 2. Sort of. It’s a little scattered of a discussion we had but the talk is there and we’ll have more to say next week as well. Then, in about a month or so, we’ll have completely new takes on the game as the PC crowd finally gets their hands on it. I’ll be there with them, but it’s going to be interesting to see what happens for me. Do I pick a platform and stick with it? I don’t have to, obviously. I can play both the console and PC versions, but I’m more interested in finding out if that actually happens. Will one draw me in more than the other to the point that I just stick with that version or can I realistically play both, without issue of controls, visuals, or people to regularly play with? These are the questions I need answering.

As it stands now, Destiny 2 has my full attention on PS4 and I don’t see it changing very much until the day it releases on PC. BUT…that day also brings with it a LOAD of other games and attention grabbers. Not to mention I’ll probably have some actual work things going on during release week that will keep me from playing as much as I want to. Still, on console, I’m playing this game on a daily basis, even if just a little bit to knock something out of my list of things to do. The grab it held on me with the first game is easily back in full force for the second, as much as I was worried it might not be. I’m glad it’s back, honestly, because I am having fun playing the game and when all’s said and done for ANY game, that’s the point – are you enjoying it?

Yes. Yes I am.

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