Season 11, Episode 36

We’re enjoying a nice glass of squirrel milk at the following link.

I promise a lot of the Destiny 2 talk will go away, only to resurface again when it releases on PC next month. Still, even with that talk we manage to have a discussion about releasing unfinished games and what that means in the realm of honest business practices. We seem to come to the conclusion that it’s not and should probably be looked at on a case by case basis. No Man’s Sky is real good example of how that all goes wrong, but we’re not sure that was dishonest business as it was just….dishonest PR from the head developer. Again, case by case. Cause then there’s Warner Bros. Arkham Knight PC release. Case by case, the console was fine but the PC and what we came to find out about it was horribly wrong and very unfriendly to the consumer. And it even got worse when the DLC came into play. Again, going with a case by case basis, it’s hard to fault games like Destiny 2 and Overwatch. These games can be tested by never with the scale by which they’ll be played. I’m not giving them a pass. They know this and they are on top of it as fast as they can be with whatever needs to be done to fix an issue. It’s the state of the game when you talk about those types of always online always evolving always changing games.

And to close on Destiny 2 since I opened a little with it – Bungie, if you’re reading this and I know you aren’t – cross saves. Just…look, Epic accidentally did cross play and I’m not even asking for that – hell, I don’t even WANT that. Just let me progress carry over from platform to platform. PLEASE. We’ve got a month. Make it happen.

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