Season 12, Episode 03

We may finally find out what Matt has played at the following link.

Monster Hunter World just might be finding a way to win me over. It damn sure didn’t with customizing my cat companion, though that would do it for almost anyone else, but the mechanics of the game may be finding a hold somewhere in my head. It isn’t there yet, but last night after this show I played a little bit and I think some of it may be setting in for me. We’ll see if it continues as I play more.

From time to time I like to dip my toes into the waters of the unknown as far as gaming is concerned. The Monster Hunter games have been around for a long time but they’ve never struck me as something I wanted to play. This new entry in the franchise had the fortune of releasing when there was nothing else to hold my attention for weeks before or weeks after. And currently, it’s what everyone else is talking about so I’m a bit sucked in. Also, it has a steelbook (don’t judge me).

Sometimes going out of your comfort zone doesn’t work. I’ve tried Final Fantasy a few times and gave Dragon Age a few tries as well. No luck with either, but I tried. Monster Hunter World looks like it might actually be a success for me, however. Time will tell, but it’s promising, at least.

Here’s hoping you venture outside of your norm from time to time and find something you enjoy that you never thought you would. It’s a rewarding experience.

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