Season 12, Episode 04

We’re not saying he cheated, but he probably cheated at the following link.

Destiny 2 is now out of my system. It’s likely out of most of our systems at this point. Now replaced, for me, with Monster Hunter World. The hook was finally found and the skinner box is in full effect of keeping me there – for the time being. There’s other games soon, of course. That Shadow Of The Colossus remake is on the way this week and it’s been rebuilt from the ground up. It won’t be the same as going through it the first time, but it’s nice to have (and comes with a beautiful steelbook). Then God Of War hits later on (again with a steelbook…see a pattern here?) and that’ll take some time to run through the story but it has no lasting value on me. I don’t really want to talk about FarCry 5, but that’s soon too and while I have no desire to play it, I’ll have it on day one (stupid steelbook addiction).

My point here is that I’m no longer locked down to what Destiny 2 was doing to me and I’m free to roam the gaming grounds in search of new experiences and stories and I’m extremely happy about that. I’m looking forward at what’s to come, more so now, because I don’t have to add to the statement “I’ll play it” with “when I’m finished with my weeklys with Destiny 2”.

The cycle is broken (until May when they release new content).

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