Season 12, Episode 17

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I have finally started God Of War, but that really isn’t saying much for me and my way of playing games. Which brings us to a small side discussion about having too many collectibles in games, or branching paths in something that should really be more linear. It’s all subjective to the player than the game, so it isn’t really any sort of fault I put on the developers. It’s just my oh-look-a-squirrel way of playing games.

There’s also a bit of a rant about video game trailers as well, but I think I’m being extremely cynical with that way of thinking. The point is, a trailer for a game is made to sell you on the game. We complain about movies putting all the best parts in a trailer, but that’s EXACTLY what a video game trailer will do. They want to show you all the best parts to hold your interest and get your money. This doesn’t really apply to franchise games, so much, when we know what to expect, but for new IPs, you’re going to see the best of what they have to offer – but it’s usually in cinematic form, rather than something significant like gameplay. Cinematics being the least percentage of a video game (unless you’re a Kojima game) and gameplay being the most of anything else you ever do in a video game. In the marketing world of video games, I’m probably in the minority, but you’re going to sell me a whole lot more on your product by showing me what’s inside (gameplay) rather than the art on the box (cinematic).

Then again, with games like God Of War, the cinematic is the gameplay. And it’s amazing.

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