Season 13, Episode 04

We’re making horrible hole jokes at the following link.

We love it when you call into the show. We like hearing what you’ve been playing and the types of games you enjoy or what system you’re currently spending time with or even if you have questions about games or systems or PC stuff – doesn’t matter. Point it, we love it when you call. So keep that up. Make it a regular thing. Call in, tell us a game your playing and give us a quick review on how you like it. We can’t play everything out there so that’s why we like hearing from other people playing other games.

Speaking of other games, I’ve put some time in with the demo for Anthem and I give a few of my thoughts on it during the show, but something I forgot to mention isn’t so much a complaint with it as it is just something no one else is able to do – the shooting. I remember having this issue before and it’s just something I’ve had to come to terms with. Bungie, with Destiny (and Halo before that), has completely spoiled me on the shooting mechanic in video games. They do it better than ANYTHING else in their game. It’s the reason I would still play it even with nothing else to do – the shooting is just too much fun. Anthem isn’t like that and it was never going to be. It’s just something, again, that I’ll have to come to terms with.

Not everyone can be Bungie. And that’s actually a really great thing. We’ll talk more about that in the next episode.

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