Season 13, Episode 37

Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our age.

Yes, we talk about Blizzard and their situation with what happened this past week when the above was said in an interview by a tournament player who’d just recently won the whole thing.

Then was promptly banned for an entire year while having his prize money winnings withheld. This began a domino effect of others in the community stepping away from the tournament scene in support of the player. And while Blizzard would eventually reduce the ban to six months and turn his winnings over to him, the bell had already been rung and the statement issued was little more than a press release dripping with lies and shallow excuses.

But to be perfectly honest, this, sadly, doesn’t surprise me. Not when you look at Activision/Blizzard as a whole. Not when you look at just how far the NBA went to win favor back from the Chinese government.

I can only hope more and more of the tournament community come together and take a stand against this. Pull out of tournaments and stop supporting Blizzard. And that it extends to the other communities where corporations have asked their players to remain silent on this with the threat of being banned as well. Gaming communities have shown in the past they can pull together and do some amazing things, but this would be on a scale previously unseen before and I really hope like hell it can happen.

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