Season 13, Episode 38

We’ve been away for two weeks but our gaming habits didn’t really change in that time as we all seem to stick with one single game for each of us.

Regardless, we do spend some time talking about Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Ubisoft’s decision to delay some upcoming releases based on that game’s poor reception, both critically and financially.

I’m hoping to put in some time with Obsidian’s Outer Worlds. They’re the makers of Fallout New Vegas – a game I have been told countless times is one I should play BECAUSE of how uninterested I was with Fallout 3. And Fallout 4. And Dragon Age. And, well, a lot of games of that type. Still, it has been said to me that I must try New Vegas because it’s different and made by the Obsidian folks. So yeah, I’ll give Outer Worlds a go and see how it works for me.

It’s weird how these things work out for me sometimes. I remember way back when being told how I have to play Bastion and all these great praises for the game. I did eventually get around to it, and I don’t know if all the talk had me over-hyped for the game or what – but it was just OK for me. And being just OK isn’t bad, but it didn’t live up to the praise I was told about. Then again, it was YEARS after all of that before I ever played it, so who knows?

Come to think of it, I still haven’t played New Vegas.

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