Season 15, Episode 03

It’s good to catch up. Be it with friends or just a backlog of games. As of late, I’ve been doing both. Well, on the gaming side of things it mainly means I’ve slowed down my time with Destiny 2 and have gotten back to playing other games and hopefully finding the time to dip into some that interest me – be it new or old.

What I didn’t expect to find out was that while I wasn’t paying attention VR got way more affordable – as least compared to when I got mine – and got way less wires to mess with. Two things we always said would need to happen before most people would even pay them any attention. It may have come too late, but there’s still room to improve on the pricing front. Well, speaking of room, that’s the other issue, isn’t it? Space to play. You don’t need it for the sit down VR type stuff, but to really get the effect and the full immersive experience…you need the whole room VR feel. You need to “walk” in that space.

Again, there’s room to improve, but will it be too little too late. I don’t know. VR isn’t nearly as talked about as it was a few years ago. Games are still being made for the format, but they’re small, quick, and usually indie of some type. There’s less and less VR implementation in bigger, more notable games nowadays. That bubble may have already burst, but there’s still a pretty good amount of life in it. I just don’t know for how long.

In the meantime, Ubisoft, it’s been 2,714 days since the last Splinter Cell release (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise or VR exclusive).

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