Season 15, Episode 04

Time for another episode of our show about playing video games. So let’s get right to it and talk about the stock market!

Yeah, that’s how we open the show and only really because of the stock involved. We’re it almost anything else (and it was already random as hell that it turned out to be a game retailer), we’d probably only mention it in passing, as would most websites that cover gaming as well. But this happened to be GameStop and that’s why the lot of us have taken note.

We talk of it like we know what we’re talking about and we somewhat have the basic essentials of what’s happened, but none of us would ever claim to be smart enough to push the advice. It’s your money, spend it how you want, and just be careful. That’s it. Best advice I got.

As for actual gaming discussion, I’ve been branching out of my Destiny cave since we’re in the last two weeks of the season so I’m looking to fill that time that isn’t doing the same thing over and over again week after week. As least for the next two weeks anyway. Then it’s back to my cave.

In the meantime, Ubisoft, it’s been 2,721 days since the last Splinter Cell release (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise or VR exclusive).

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