Season 15, Episode 31

You could hear the complete change in tone I had in my voice as soon as RJ said he’d fired up Destiny on the PS4.

And it isn’t like it was his first time, but I think he’d all but given up on the game in my mind until I had heard this. Not that I’m looking to convert and especially not him – he’s been here before. We both have. But it was a long time ago, somewhere around the release of the PC version of the game where I’d abandoned my console brethren. I was going to try and keep going on both platforms but it was too much trouble. And once I’d really put in the work on the PC side of things, it was hard to go back. Both with controls, looks of the game, and the people I was playing with.

Now that both cross-save and cross-play have been enabled, this was the reason for the excitement you could hear. But not only that, I had a chance to get a look at the game from a former heavy player of it and what it was like to return after…basically years, pretty much.

I’d experienced it before with myself and other games. I even mentioned one such example during the show. Even then, I can’t remember why I stopped playing, especially given it was in the Uncharted series. By the way, Lost Legacy still holds up on PS5. So that remaster coming next year is going to look phenomenal, I imagine.

What was your experience coming back to an old game? Did it still hold the interest you remember? Was it more confusing coming back in the middle or did muscle memory kick in after a while? Did it still hold the same weight for you or was something lacking? How hard was it to come back?

Speaking of games you haven’t gone back to in a long time…Ubisoft, it’s been 2,951 days since the last Splinter Cell release (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise or VR exclusive).

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