Season 15, Episode 42

You do plan to have dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour, right?

It shouldn’t be called “The Game Awards”. At this point, just call it “The Game Show”. I mean, there’s very little award there to even be mentioned. It’s a sorry excuse to just show off new stuff. So do that. Show off the new stuff and do something else to honor the developers. Within the first five minutes of someone actually being on stage, they give out an award. Then, you’ve got nothing until nearly an hour later. About thirty minutes after that you get another followed by like, 5 more just rambled off without any fanfare or acceptance speeches.

Look, I know you aren’t going to please everyone. The majority of people tune in for the announcements, but most don’t even do that. They watch them all later without all the filler in between. Look at the viewer count for a new trailer compared to seeing some developer win something. It’s a massive difference. And so while you say you are there to honor the devs who made these games and show off new stuff – it’s really only to show off new stuff. Your actions and their views easily prove this. So lean into it.

But stop calling it The Game Awards. Unless, you know, you do plan on having awards at your award show.

For what it’s worth, I’d enjoy having both. But if I can’t, I’d rather have the awards. The people who make these things we obsess over deserve the recognition – and they deserve it better than what’s being done so far.

And the award for longest break in a Ubisoft franchise goes to…Ubisoft, it’s been 3,035 days since the last Splinter Cell release (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise or VR exclusive).

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