Season 16, Episode 30

Buyers Keepers…

I’m not really a Call Of Duty player. And it’s hard for me right now to find something to equate this whole thing with, but I think Sony’s displeasure (we’ll call it that) with Microsoft over Call Of Duty is…a little weird.

I don’t know if Sony were ever in the running to buy Activision, but Microsoft threw down almost 70 BILLION for it. And hell, I think maybe nearly 99 percent of that money was for Call Of Duty. And I think if you’re throwing that kind of cash around, you’ll do with the property as you please and if it means keeping it on your platform to increase system sales or subscription sales with Gamepass, you’d be a fool not to, honestly. I mean, I can see Sony’s frustration with the whole thing but they can’t be surprised by this or cry foul for it. I mean, Microsoft owns the franchise now. It’s theirs. They’ll do whatever they want with the property. I’ll remind you again, I don’t play that franchise of games so it’s probably very easy for me to say all these things or speculate anyway.

However, Microsoft usually holds the position of being more available to players. It’s an argument they’ve used a few times when dealing with cross play titles and not imposing restrictions like Sony does. And keeping your newly bought franchise that has been multiplatform to your own ecosystem kind of goes against that philosophy. They haven’t done it yet, and I can’t say they will, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they do. I guess we’ll see what happens with Bethesda’s games to get an idea of how this might play out.

But then again, this is Call Of Duty, and I think that player base will go where those games are. Even if it means buying a new system or subscription service. Even more interesting will be to see how Sony deals with that in the future.

Meanwhile…we had a whole Ubisoft presentation the other day talking about their upcoming library of games. Not one mention, tease or anything for Splinter Cell. And so the clock continues…it has been 3,301 days since the last Splinter Cell game (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise, remake, or VR exclusive).

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