Season 16, Episode 29

A relic appears…

We’ve likely spoken about video game nostalgia before. And, for a moment, I’d like to talk about it again. And really, this is just a “me” thing or, well, an “us” thing.

Destiny 2 just relaunched an activity in the game that hasn’t been there since the first Destiny. It launched in September of 2015. Back then, so many of us on the show played that game and did that raid. For me, it was my first Destiny raid. In fact, it was my first raid ever. We completed it. And would go on to do so over and over again. Until people left and moved on to other games or got tired of the Destiny loop. It happens and there’s not a thing wrong with it.

The night before writing this, our group and myself spent a good many hours completing it again. This was mostly with brand new people who’d never experienced this as it was originally released. They only had the options of videos to look at and understand the mechanics of what to do. Back then, we never actually had that. We had to go on crude drawings and very detailed written explanations if we wanted to have some idea of what to do in the raid. It’s not that long ago, but it surprises me how much has changed in that time. We weren’t broadcasting our runs either (don’t even think that was a thing, really) which is a shame since we had some great times and moments back then.

Going so late on the raid run last night but eventually getting to the end and completing it brought back a ton of memories of not only the first time we made that accomplishment back in 2015 (probably taking just as long or longer), but also the many other times we brought someone new along and did it again with them.

Gaming nostalgia is all around us when playing games, be it in the controls of a game or just anything Mario or Zelda or whatever your memory might be, there’s likely to be reminders of it every single day in some way or another. But this kind of nostalgia not only brings memories of the game, but mostly, the friends we enjoyed it with. I’ll snicker at the videos of Bungie developers talking about how this game forms bonds and what not, but here it is…living proof, and it’s doing it again.

To Jeremy, Matt, James, Dennis, Daniel, RJ, and Kevin…thanks for the runs back in the day. By the way, the game is free to play now with crossplay and cross save, so we could have a reunion of sorts. Just sayin.

Speaking of memories and nostalgia…Ubisoft, it has been 3,287 days since the last Splinter Cell game (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise, remake, or VR exclusive).

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