Season 16, Episode 32

Pretty soon, the card number will match the price…

There was a lot of stuff leaked last week and still relatively very little was revealed. I mean, Diablo 4 was going to probably look like a better Diablo 3 with some QOL changes here and there, but nothing surprising.

The GTA6 leak was massive as far as just how much got leaked but none of it was all that significant. We already had official confirmation that the game was in development and these leaks showed very little, at least to most of us. I’m sure other game devs could look at those videos and read way more into them than I could, but yeah…it exists. We’ve got the faintest of details on it so far and I feel like for as much as companies protect these things from getting out – this really didn’t change anything. I’m still of the opinion that we shouldn’t see stuff until it’s ready to be seen, and, really, this kind of leak sort of makes my point. I prefer my leaks to be shaky low quality cell phone camera stuff – of a trailer or gameplay with a near finished product. Not whatever this stuff was.

Then there’s the whole 40 series from NVIDIA. If you were still scratching your head over the EVGA dust up from last week, well…now you know. Probably. There was more to it than that, I’m sure, but having the base price of your lowest card be near a grand and putting your partners in the position of selling at a higher price, well, I’m not looking forward to what those prices end up being. Thankfully, there’s competition in the market and if AMD can play their cards right, they’ll come out winners here in a big way. We just have to wait until November to see how that shakes out.

Meanwhile…Ubisoft, we’ve been waiting 3,315 days for a new Splinter Cell game (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise, remake, or VR exclusive).

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