Season 16, Episode 33

Happy Spooky Season. Let’s visit a tech graveyard.

We could say we called this whole Stadia thing going south way back when it was first announced, but EVERYONE called it, really.

Google leaves a trail of death behind it. Like some weird nature thing where the company gives birth to a product and then just moves on to something else leaving it to live or die on its own. I’m sure that’s not actually the case but in both software and hardware, they can’t seem to keep things going. And it doesn’t have to be doing poorly. Plenty of things google offered would just get turned off or shut down for no real reason at all.

I tried Stadia in a beta and even some after release. It was interesting and worked well enough in the beta that I was excited for the idea but ultimately, video game streaming isn’t there yet. I loved the idea of opening a browser and playing a triple A title of some sort. And it was cool to see it load in my browser just as it would on a PC or console, but you still knew you were playing a streaming game and not something directly from your system. It wasn’t there yet. Not as ambitious as Google would like, I suppose. I think, eventually, video game streaming will get there, but that’s a long way off and even then you’ll need people supporting it once we do get there.

I was just as skeptical about the Steam Deck and I already kind of regret not getting one when I had the chance. It has nothing to do with streaming, but more so Steam’s track record for physical devices. I think they got this one right, however.

And me saying that probably means they’ll shut it down within a year. Actually, it’ll probably take me buying one before they decide to pull the plug on it – if my track record of new tech holds like these companies do.

Meanwhile…Ubisoft, we’ve been waiting 3,322 days for a new Splinter Cell game (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise, remake, or VR exclusive).

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