Season 17, Episode 25

Sometimes…there’s just nothing to talk about. This is normal for this time of the year. There’s a few of these here and there throughout the year where, well, really nothing is happening. Nothing newsworthy at the moment anyway. Kind of a lull in releases as well.

So we look at our back catalog and, for me, that’s been Red Dead Redemption 2. And while I want more of that, say a third game maybe, we already know Rockstar is working on GTA6. When what they should be working on…is Bully 2.

I say that without ever having played the first game. I only know from the reception the game received to the revival years later and yet again years after that. It’s cyclical but a TON of people look back fondly on that game and wonder if/when we might get another.

Probably never. But Rockstar has surprised me before. Table Tennis, anyone?

Speaking of ‘probably never’ – Ubisoft, it has been 3,618 days since a new Splinter Cell game (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise, remake, BBC radio drama, or VR exclusive) was released.

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