Season 17, Episode 26

For a brief moment in the show (probably not too brief knowing how I ramble) we talk about the next thing from Nintendo. And right there live on the show I’m thinking about it. Or at least, analyzing HOW I think about a new console from Nintendo. Mainly given my history of their new systems.

I realized that most likely beginning with the Gamecube, I’ve kept the big N from being compared to the other two, Microsoft & Sony. I mean, even then I was comparing but I think it was during that system’s lifetime and what we knew was coming next where I just sort of kept them separate. From the design of their systems to their libraries of games – it’s just a different world from what’s going on in Xbox land and PlayStation world. And Nintendo (and probably the other two) all kind of look at it that way as well.

And it occurred to me that I’m never actually interested in the design of a PS or an Xbox. I’m interested in what’s inside them and their power, but never the look. And it’s a bit different with Nintendo. Their form factor (even more so now that they’ll likely stick to a portable device) is crucially important. Maybe more so than the innards of the machine itself. We know it’ll be improved over the current Switch, but it will hardly matter how much. We’re just waiting for the gimmick. Motion controls for the Wii, portability for the Switch. So what’s next? Guts be damned – how does the system look and feel in my hands?

Speaking of what’s next – Ubisoft, it has been 3,618 days since a new Splinter Cell game (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise, remake, BBC radio drama, or VR exclusive) was released.

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