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EAR Episode 96: “Cripple Smash”

For starters, we’d like to apologize for the technical glitches we had during this episode. At one point during the interview with Steve Demeter, the stream just stopped. It was revived, but then Steve let loose one of those words the FCC deems inappropriate and so another skip of audio happens. We apologize for both and to Steve himself. We’ll be having him back on the show soon though, so no worries.

As mentioned before, on this episode of Evil Avatar Radio, we speak with Steve Demeter about the other projects he’s worked on and his current gem, Trism, for the iPhone & iPod Touch. And if you want to talk indie game development, it probably doesn’t get any more independent than with Steve.

Also, it’s a Red Letter episode early on when Phil “Kefkataran” Kollar calls into the show to announce his new position at 1UP. We at Evil Avatar Radio wouldn’t be bringing you this if it wasn’t for Phil. We owe him a lot and are happy to see him moving up in the industry of video games journalism. All of us know that this guy is going to be doing some great things and we’re honored he chose Evil Avatar Radio to announce the news. Thank you, Phil, from all of us.

After the dog and pony show, we take the conversation off the air and talk of a number of things. James/fishbang contemplates his anger management along with his intentions of building a new PC gaming rig, we discuss a few plans for the 100th episode of EvAvRadio, our plans for the first EAR Video GameCast, and announce a special in-studio guest for next week.

Meanwhile I try to go for the longest show description written for EvAvRadio.

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I didn’t hear this cleared up during the show, so I thought I’d try to clear it up now.

The 360 will upconvert DVDs. How much a DVD gets upconverted depends on the connection you have to your TV. Over Component, they will only be upconverted to 480p. This is a restriction of CSS, not a limitation of the Xbox 360. Over HDMI or VGA they can be upconverted as high as 1080p. This is with or without the HD DVD drive. If you have the HD DVD drive, your HD DVD movies will have a maximum resolution of 1080i over Component (AACS limitation) or 1080p over VGA/HDMI.

I hope this information is helpful to someone.

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