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EAR Episode 97: “Dammit Slam”

The Dammit Slam – In gaming, the act of being so frustrated at something that just happened you violently throw the controller (and all accessories attached) to the floor while at the same time yelling the word “dammit” and other variations thereof. You know, just in case you were curious about what that meant. Our very own fishbang is a scholar of the method.

We have to apologize for the opening of this episode of Evil Avatar Radio as the stream cut out right before we went on the air. We’ve gathered what we could of the beginning and present it to you here in somewhat of a duct taped fashion. Again, sorry about that.

In this episode we cover the usual news and new releases of the week and we’re joined on the phone by Slava Zatuchny and Jason Faller of Silverlode Interactive to talk about Saga (the free version of which was released today!).

Also in the show we’re joined by Evil Avatar‘s TurboKinny/Sara. She’s passing through and stops by to answer your questions and even joins us for the after show where we hear exactly why James loved the film, Sunshine.

Seriously, he loved it.

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