EAR Episode 101: “We Had Values”

We’d like to once again thank Kropotkin & Hendrix, from the SuperHappyFunTimeShow, for our opening for this episode. In fact, it led to the idea of asking you, the listeners, for your own openings to the show. Create one, record it, and then send it to us and we’ll open a future show with it.

It’s episode 101 of Evil Avatar Radio and really, after the glory that was episode 100, there’s just no way to unlock that achievement a second time, but we try. We start the show off by finding out what we all played over the week and that includes time spent with the new maps in COD4, as well as comparing it to some play time we got in with the Battlefield: Bad Company multiplayer beta. We also go into spoiler territory while speaking about our experience with Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – something every one of us that finished the game completely regrets. Of course, you can’t talk Tom Clancy anymore without bringing up H.A.W.X., and we do just that, with an equal amount of regret, actually. Plus Bap calls into the show and tells us of GTA4 swag he got last week and TrackZero tells us of his time spent playing Viking.

The title for this episode comes mere seconds after the show. And it’s followed by talk of the justification of game trilogies, what we’re going to do between now and April 29th, and it’s capped off with Strax’s frustration with his Xbox 360 and the Xbox Live service along with our monetary uphill battles and username origins – just in case you ever wondered how a guy gets a name like “fishbang”.

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