EAR Episode 102: “They Got Us Covered Like A Jimmy Hat”

First things first – Holy shit fitbabits called in! We’re slowly working our way to having all the reds on the show at some point or another, we just gotta get the big guy himself to call in to the show sometime.

Now, normally I tell you what happened on the show in as much of a chronological order as I can remember, but we’re doing things a bit differently this time. You see, the show really took place during the after-show. It was there we discussed the recent comments made by N’Gai Croal about the trailer for Resident Evil 5. We’re joined by our producer Hawggy and it’s a good discussion. If you are at all curious of our thoughts on the matter, you need only to listen.

As for the main part of the program, we talked about Microsoft’s fear of mods, upcoming release dates, metal lunchboxes, bobble heads, Nintendo’s release strategy, and more of the week’s gaming news. We also took calls from Ravenlock who talked to us about his time spent with Assassin’s Creed on the PC, Shodan called in too, and, of course, we heard from our resident Scot – Fitbabits, who’s kitty, Winnie, we all hope gets better soon.

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