Season 8, Episode 6

We’re recording two hour broadcasts and selling them for $40 a pop at the following link.

First we have to thank Steven for calling in about his experience with the Titanfall alpha and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. Also, another big thank you to Mr. Angus for calling in and talking about his time at Criterion studios, and also for putting up with my gushing of their work.

We won’t tell you how to spend your money. We won’t tell you that it’s wrong to pay the asking price for MGS: Ground Zeroes. Because it isn’t. It is your money to spend as you wish and I’ve personally committed far greater sins in the amount spent per entertainment value department (kickstarter projects come to mind).

While we aren’t too troubled by what Konami is charging for the game because if people will buy it, then why shouldn’t they? We are a bit concerned that it might catch on and become a regular thing. Right now, for me, it has no effect and Matt doesn’t seem to have too much of an issue spending the money on a franchise he loves – but what is this was Burnout, Uncharted, or (insert your beloved franchise here)? What are you willing to pay?

Don’t worry though, our episodes are still free, though we might hold James’ return for ransom. After all, we’ve got an E3 trip coming up.

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