Season 9, Episode 43

We’re almost talking games at the following link.

It was a bit hard to go through the show without bringing up Back To The Future or Star Wars. We didn’t even get halfway before either was brought up and that’s fine. Diversions are nice and, with something like this, worth talking about.

Also worth talking about is Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. The bar for Ubisoft wasn’t really very high and they’ve apparently cleared it from what we’re told. Neither Matt nor myself are sure if that’s the case – those like us who might prefer the PC version still have weeks to wait. Weeks that will be occupied by other titles…likely more deserving of our time, but that remains to be seen. The biggest of these roadblocks already seem like a time gap moment. There’s everything BEFORE Fallout 4, and then there’s nothing until sometime next year. And for the most part, we’re all okay with that.

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