Season 16, Episode 28

We didn’t really hit the news so much for this show as we did just talking to folks through Discord.

And to follow up on that conversation, I’d asked for help in No Man’s Sky and last night after the show did not disappoint. I appreciate DukeFrukem for giving me a hand in the game telling me how things work or what all can be done and giving me a bit of support on this long journey to…well, there’s no end really. Especially given the updates they continue to churn out.

Seriously, if you’ve ever been curious about the game or were maybe put off by the reception it got at launch, give it another look. There’s plenty of videos out there documenting all of the changes and growing pains this title went through and how it’s done a total 180 on where it was then compared to now. And, by the way, you can usually find it for at least half off from the regular price if not even more than that (as of this writing the PC version was down to about $21 on some sites).

All eyes this week will likely be on Saint’s Row. A series we haven’t heard from in quite some time and will be the first we see on next/current gen consoles. The original reveal had people wondering if this would be a different Saint’s Row than what we last saw and in that comparison, yeah, I think it will be. But not in a negative way. The over-the-topness will likely be brought down a notch or two from the last game, but that’s to be expected and, probably, needed as well. We’ll find out Tuesday.

Well, everyone else will. I’ll be diving into the next season of Destiny.

What none of us will be playing, however, is a new Splinter Cell from Ubisoft. It has been 3,280 days since the last Splinter Cell game (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise, remake, or VR exclusive).

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